Posted on Jun 20, 2019
Our newest Rotarian of the Year!
This year's Rotarian of the Year is one of our newer members and is a perfect example of what Rotarians can do to engage with our club and become involved in the community through community service projects.
Shortly after she joined the club, she attended the District Conference in Thunder Bay and has volunteered at most, if not all of our club's fundraisers and community service projects such as Salvation Army Kettles and December Dreams.
She has worked at the door at our morning meetings and greets everyone enthusiastically and with a smile.  She is currently a member of the Communications Committee and has been writing many of the new Club Chronicles.
She demonstrates care and concern for her fellow Rotarians, particularly those who may be experiencing life's challenges.
Last, but certainly not least, she is a tireless worker and ambassador for Wilderness Discovery committing countless hours of her time to work at the camp, to sell raffle tickets, and to promote Wilderness Discovery in the community.  She is currently a Director on the Wilderness Discovery Board.
When asked how she felt about being named Rotarian of the Year, Jennifer was at a loss for words.  She felt very honoured to receive the recognition, and it was totally unexpected.  "I'm able to give back to my community right now because I am lucky to be retired and fit to tackle volunteering full speed!  I certainly didn't expect this, but I humbly and gratefully accept this honour from my Rotary Family."