Meet Carol's Guest - Will Moore
Will is a senior broker at World Financial Group in Thunder Bay.  The goal of this organization is to educate and help families.  Through their charitable trust, they are able to acquire matching funds for any fundraising that helps families.
Anniversary Dinner Report
Rotarians from all local clubs (Fort William, Port Arthur, Lakehead, Nipigon, and Rotaract) as well as our exchange student were represented at the Anniversary Dinner, hosted this year by the Fort William Club.  Stephen Margarit chaired the meeting with his usual blend of fun and facts.  The food was good, and the cake was very large...very, very large.  Each club spoke on their achievements over the past year, and how they are making meaningful change in Rotary.  The Port Arthur Club granted a Paul Harris Fellowship to Dr. Chris Lai.  Although many of us have heard of Dr. Lai's great accomplishments in cardiology, many  may not know of the years he has volunteered to improve our community.  Throughout the evening, a number of toonie auctions were held... and Bill went home with a bottle of Scotch.  All funds raised at this meeting go Polio Plus.
Meeting Sponsor
IG Wealth Management
Fines & Happy Bucks
Allan Kozlo helped extract $30 from participants at the meeting through fines and happy bucks.  There were so many things to be happy about.
As a special thanks for hosting our meeting, all funds collected this morning were donated to the RFDA. 
In total we donated $410 to the RFDA today!
Next Meeting
Gail Brescia has volunteered to help Sandy with the chairing of the meetings for March 5 and March 12.
March 5 will be held at the Valhalla.  As usual, check the TVs for the room location, or follow the sounds of friendly comradery.
March 12 will be held at Thyme Restaurant, 42 Cumberland St S. Thunder Bay
Foundation Minute
Foundation Minute for the Week of March 2, 2020:
Submitted by Corliss Klaassen, Zone 28 & 29 Foundation 
     Editor: Olabisi Gwamna
     Rotary Club of Mt. Pleasant ,IA
     District 6000
Welcome to Rotary International Water & Sanitation Month.  During the month of March, The Rotary Foundation wants Rotarians around the world to Focus on initiating, sponsoring and supporting water and sanitation projects.  With this month’s emphasis The Rotary Foundation is ensuring that this particular goal receives all needed support. Rotary clubs in District 5050, which includes British Columbia and state of Washington, are joining forces with the Zenith Rotary of Lome, Togo to apply for a Rotary Global Grant. Through association with The Dignity Toilets, the grant will purchase 100 new above-ground composting toilets.  Since 2017, more than 100 such toilets have been constructed under the leadership of Nor’Wester Rotary member, Doc Reiss of Port Angeles, Washington USA.  These toilets are designed to convert human waste into fertilizer.  Addressing the Port Townsend Sunrise Rotary Club, Reiss explained the significance of the project. According to him, “the toilets mean that families don’t have to relive themselves in the fields, where flood waters would increase unsanitary conditions and there are threats of snakes, scorpions and other predators. For every toilet built, it lowers the occurrence disease, helps protect ground water and keeps a family out of the fields.” The Rotary Clubs of District 5050 another international district also encompassing Canada and USA will contribute a total of $15,000 which will be matched by District 5020 bringing the total to $30,000. The Rotary Foundation will provide an additional $22,500 making the total amount raised to $52, 500. With each toilet costing $425, these funds would be enough to build more than 100 toilets between 2020 and 2021, providing between 600 and 800 people with toilets.
So far, during the 2019-2020 year, TRF has spent $18.7 million in grants for Water and Sanitation projects worldwide.
In the past 5 years, TRF has spent $100,657,464 in grants for projects involving Water and Sanitation.
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